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Aandy Furniture | Miami, FL

Decorate Your Terrace With Charm For This Spring/Summer

If you have a terrace, surely this next hot season will become your best ally. What if we decorate it to give it a special touch? We tell you how!

The terraces and balconies have always been an escape route for any home, but now more than ever, they have become the star place. The most fortunate have a space to go out to enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of the moments of peace that the day offers us.

Like any other space in our house, the terrace also deserves our full attention, especially if we plan to spend more time than expected.

Functional Furniture

Whether we have enough space or not, it is important to make a good choice of furniture that we are going to use on our terrace. Functional furniture with various uses will be perfect for this type of space. The first thing we must be clear about is where we want to place them and, above all, be very clear about the meters that we have to make a successful choice of furniture. Knowing the measurements, we can look for furniture that fits perfectly, and that also allows us to give them several uses, such as armchairs with storage space in the seats.


Storage space is a point that we have already covered in a previous point. It is important to have a space on the terrace in which to store any accessory. For example, storage benches are perfect for these types of places. They will allow us to store cushions and blankets that we do not use but that we can have on hand. Besides, we can gain extra space as a seat to have visitors or to avoid chairs. How about?


Imagine, your terrace, a glass of wine, the sunset ... Could there be a better plan? Surely you are already visualizing it. And it is that the terraces this summer are going to become a great space to enjoy the nights. Therefore, it is important to have good lighting that allows us to enjoy the moment. In the market, we can find several different options for terrace lighting, such as small garlands of LED lights, or if you prefer something more fixed, try outdoor lamps to always have your space well lit.


You will be with us if we tell you that plants cannot be absent. Having plants on your terrace or garden will fill this space with life and make you feel in contact with nature. Besides, due to their shape and colors, they are the perfect complement to decorate. If you have a few meters of space, a very interesting option is vertical gardens. They will take up very little space and will allow you to give that natural touch that we are looking for so much. Do you dare?


Although the dates on which you are going to use your terrace or balcony will make the fewer accessories you have, the cooler and more comfortable you feel, we can use some textiles that give your space a charming touch. For example, for chairs, find cushions that provide comfort on the seats or the backs. You can continue to opt for white or give it a touch of color here.

Small Flat? Five Ideas To Take Advantage Of Space in Miami, FL

Living in Miami, sometimes small spaces limit the decoration ideas that we want to carry out. The lack of space or the combinations of colors can be a disadvantage when designing any space since, inadvertently, we can make it look much smaller than it is. However, small apartments are the order of the day, and it is increasingly difficult to have a spacious apartment.

Double height spaces

When we have little space, double heights can be a good solution to give us space. This will only be possible if your house’s ceilings are high enough since they will allow you to create very versatile corners. For this, you will need at least 3.5 meters in height. Creating a loft in the hallway or in the area of ​​the house where it is collected can make it easier for us to store many things that sometimes we do not know where to put, such as suitcases, boxes of products that we have recently bought, etc.

Think about the space you have

Through furniture and decoration, we can create a feeling of greater spaciousness; for them, it is important to always think of light and not the overloaded style that makes us feel comfortable at home.

Dual-use items

When every inch of our home is so valuable, it is advisable to look for furniture given a dual-use. These are functional pieces that provide more storage in less space. For example, a sofa bed will allow us to receive guests in our small apartment, or having a bed with a trundle will allow us to store without taking up more space than the bed can provide. A coffee table that becomes a dining table will get us out of more than one trouble when we have guests at home. Look for all those furniture that has another use and therefore avoid having to look for other options. And here comes a tip; Furniture such as bookcases or cabinets that are attached to the wall, it is advisable to paint them the same color as the wall so that it integrates and has a feeling of spaciousness.

Runaway from the unnecessary

Everyone accumulates things they don’t need. It is like that, and many times we cannot avoid it. However, when we live in a very small space, it is something that we must avoid at all, flee from everything that only occupies space and therefore is a hindrance. Books, clothes, papers, furniture … So our advice is that you carry out the Marie Kondo guidelines and run away from everything that does not add value to you and keep only those things that you use and makes you happy.

Storage spaces

When we have a small apartment in Miami, we must gain as much space as possible through storage. In a house many things are kept, clothes from previous seasons, old objects, Christmas decorations, travel suitcases… Things that if we do not keep correctly can take up a lot of space, since it is also likely that we only use once a year. So it is important to have furniture with a good storage capacity that allows us to have everything computer. It can be a sofa under the bed or a loft; the question is to find a way to keep everything stored without taking up space.

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The Basic Tips You Need To Choose Furniture

Choosing furniture is not easy. We know that sometimes decorating a home can be complicated, so today we tell you some tricks to choose the furniture without going crazy. Take note!


The first thing is to analyze your tastes, trends and stop to think if they are useful to our day to day and know in advance which style is the one that most identifies with you and, of course, for your home. To get a well-equipped room, fixed and mobile furniture have to be integrated. Although this is more related to the distribution, it is good to know what style we want: industrial, rustic, classic …

3 key variables

Before starting the selection of furniture, you must take into account these variables:

1- The surface to be worked on.

2- The light we have.

3- The height we have.

These three issues will facilitate furniture choice since, depending on what surrounds us, we will choose one type of furniture or another. For example, if you have a small surface, we do not advise you to buy excessively large furniture. Or if the area to be decorated has little light, it is best to buy light furniture that provides the light that this bedroom lacks. The same happens with height, excessively low furniture for very high surfaces can cause a feeling of emptiness. It is very important to clear these three questions before you go ahead with the purchase.

Mix styles

One of the things that until now was rejected in decoration was the mixture of styles. However, it is becoming more and more common to combine different trends. Of course, to achieve this with good results, you will have to create a composition following each other, and above all, that is practical. We mean that you should not buy a certain piece of furniture just because it is fashionable if you consider that it is not according to your style, or more importantly, to your habits. We must always consider if what we are choosing is going to be useful for our day to day.

Look for the star

Surely in your wardrobe, there is a garment that stands out from the rest. The one that you would always like to wear or that you long for the exact moment to use it. In the decoration, it happens the same. Certain pieces of furniture are capable of becoming the protagonists of the place. Either by their composition, their color, or their shape, they are those that attract all eyes. If you find one of those and you think it fits with your decoration, choose it and give it the priority of space it deserves. Such a piece of furniture will only give personality to your home.