Category: <span>House Decoration</span>

Category: House Decoration

Decorate Your Terrace With Charm For This Spring/Summer

If you have a terrace, surely this next hot season will become your best ally. What if we decorate it to give it a special touch? We tell you how!

The terraces and balconies have always been an escape route for any home, but now more than ever, they have become the star place. The most fortunate have a space to go out to enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of the moments of peace that the day offers us.

Like any other space in our house, the terrace also deserves our full attention, especially if we plan to spend more time than expected.

Functional Furniture

Whether we have enough space or not, it is important to make a good choice of furniture that we are going to use on our terrace. Functional furniture with various uses will be perfect for this type of space. The first thing we must be clear about is where we want to place them and, above all, be very clear about the meters that we have to make a successful choice of furniture. Knowing the measurements, we can look for furniture that fits perfectly, and that also allows us to give them several uses, such as armchairs with storage space in the seats.


Storage space is a point that we have already covered in a previous point. It is important to have a space on the terrace in which to store any accessory. For example, storage benches are perfect for these types of places. They will allow us to store cushions and blankets that we do not use but that we can have on hand. Besides, we can gain extra space as a seat to have visitors or to avoid chairs. How about?


Imagine, your terrace, a glass of wine, the sunset ... Could there be a better plan? Surely you are already visualizing it. And it is that the terraces this summer are going to become a great space to enjoy the nights. Therefore, it is important to have good lighting that allows us to enjoy the moment. In the market, we can find several different options for terrace lighting, such as small garlands of LED lights, or if you prefer something more fixed, try outdoor lamps to always have your space well lit.


You will be with us if we tell you that plants cannot be absent. Having plants on your terrace or garden will fill this space with life and make you feel in contact with nature. Besides, due to their shape and colors, they are the perfect complement to decorate. If you have a few meters of space, a very interesting option is vertical gardens. They will take up very little space and will allow you to give that natural touch that we are looking for so much. Do you dare?


Although the dates on which you are going to use your terrace or balcony will make the fewer accessories you have, the cooler and more comfortable you feel, we can use some textiles that give your space a charming touch. For example, for chairs, find cushions that provide comfort on the seats or the backs. You can continue to opt for white or give it a touch of color here.